What’s a ‘descending life line’?

Seen on an otherwise empty wall in a hallway of my favorite downtown Daegu love motel:

What exactly is a 'descending lifeline'?

According to my phone the Korean translates to “stubbornness”. hmmmm.

If anyone knows, I’m very curious.

Engrish, vol. 2

First, from “Coffine Gurunaru”
Weird coffee shop

this bit of wisdom:
“Coffine Gurunaru wants to be a tree and a ferry in a river just like a place to rest…A good quality of coffee…will definitely make your body and mind upgrade and even your pride in your life.”

This one comes from Seoul. Sorry for being immature…

Funny English

I think one of the best things of being a native-English speaker living in an Asian country is all of the funny English writing everywhere.

These are two of my favorite finds so far:

Clotted Blood from Slaughtered Cows and Pigs Soup
Clotted Blood from Slaughtered Cows and Pigs Soup. yum!

This seems a bit harsh to be wearing on the back of a sweatshirt…
Get Real!

There’s also a clothing line called “Urbanist and Acid Squid.” Acid squid?